Manly Warringah Sea Eagles 2016

Here are the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles jersey designs for 2016.

They will wear at least 5 different jerseys in 2016.

The jerseys are made by ISC.

Click here for their 2015 jerseys.


Much of the same from the Sea Eagles in 2016. The white V from last years home jersey is still there.. well the top half, while the bottom tip of the V is gone. The front sponsor has changed from Kaspersky to CoCo Joy which injects a bright green logo onto a maroon background. The emblem has changed to a 70th year anniversary version for all jerseys this year. Daikin and Kyocera round up the back of the jersey sponsors. Soniq is gone this year.

manly16homefront manly16homeback


Again, not much has changed with their away jersey. The main difference is again the new sponsor which is a green logo, but last year Kaspersky’s logo wasn’t as big and you can see on the front of the shirt a long white rectangle overtakes most of the chevron’s maroon lines. The cuffs are maroon aswell. That’s about the only difference this year.

manly16awayfront manly16awayback


Last years version was a throwback to the 90’s with their iconic design of a maroon top and white bottom. However, this heritage edition jersey pays tribute to the club’s 70 years of participation in the NRL Premiership. This jersey features the team’s 70th Year Anniversary logo, a gold ‘Est1947’ embellishment on the back neckline and the eight Premiership winning years on the inside collar.

manly16heritagefront manly16heritageback




Finally a change from Manly! The Auckland 9’s design has changed from the previous season. A big maroon Sea Eagle is present in the middle of the shirt with a the bottom of the jersey in white. Last years version was predominately white. Their best jersey so far this year.

manly16nines2front manly16ninesfront

Verdict: 5.5/10. In my opinion, it’s a bit bland again from the Sea Eagles. I feel the green sponsor doesn’t really gel with the maroon and white. The designs are unimaginative, especially the away jersey. The Nines jersey is great though, and gives them a pass mark for the year. It will be interesting to see if they bring out anymore jersey designs and if they look any better.

How I scored them:

Home: 1/2.5

Away: 1/2.5

Heritage: 1.5/2.5

Auckland Nines: 2/2.5