Melbourne Storm 2016

Here are the Melbourne Storm jersey designs for 2016.

They will wear at least 5 different jerseys this year.

Manufactured by Star Athletic

Click here for the 2015 jerseys.


The design features storm purple and the navy blue of Victoria. A nice little change from last years efforts. In 2015 the storm had a horizontal white line below their emblem but have moved on from that design, now opting for a trickle of dark purple down to light purple in the shape of small diamonds. The Crown Resorts Logo is bigger than last year. Not a bad effort.



I’m kind of sad that Melbourne have changed their away jersey this year. I thought the horizontal lines of deep purple and white worked really well. However they have reverted to more of a 14′ jersey where it is predominately white with the chevron deep blue and purple around the logos. A step back for mine.

storm16awayfront storm16awayback


The design celebrates the history of the Club with a traditional silver lightning bolts to take the form of a V. The two-button placket collar adds to the Heritage feel of the Jersey. Last years cuffs and collar were a bright yellow but has been replaced by a light pink and purple. A nicer design this year. Still classy Melbourne.



I’m sure we all remember last years sleeveless AFL inspired jersey. I like that the Storm tried something different and being their home is AFL territory, it was a cool way to try and get some more fans in and a bit of publicity. However i think they nailed it this year. Just a really simple design with a purple lightning bolt going down the front and back of the jersey on a purple background. Simple, yet classy.


storm16ninesfront storm16ninesback


A predominantly pink backdrop with purple-ish navy chevrons at the bottom with stylised lightning bolts on the side panels. They just seem to hit it out of the park with their Women in League designs the Storm do.


Verdict: 8/10. Just like where they finish on the points table each year, they are right up there with their jerseys too. The home and heritage are lovely, the nines is elegant, however I think the away jersey lets them down this year. If they stayed with their 2015 design I would have nearly given them top marks.


storm16indifront storm16indiback

How I scored them:

Home 1.5/2

Away 1/2

Heritage 1.5/2

Auckland Nines 2/2

Women In League: 2/2