Gold Coast Titans 2016

Here are the Gold Coast Titans jersey designs for 2016.

They will wear at least 5 different jerseys in 2016.

The jerseys are manufactured by BLK.

Click here for their 2015 jerseys.


A big change for the Titans this year. They have now acquired a major sponsor, Aquis and have a redesigned shirt. They have gone for a background image of a Titan’s face seeped in dark blue with the back and top half of the front of the jersey in a similar sky blue as their normal colours. I really like this design and think it suits the Titans.

titans16homefront titans16homeback


I wasn’t a fan of last years version, nor am I of this one. Predominately white again with black and light blue chevron lines on the chest, just doesn’t look right to me. Very plain, however a step up from last years version.

titans16awayfront titans16awayback


WOW! Do I need to say anymore? This is a cracker of a jersey. I may be a little biased as I love colour in a jersey and this has a lot of bright colours!! I’m not really sure what the shape on the front of the jersey is meant to be or symbolise (maybe it’s just a random shape) but it looks lovely. This is in the running for my favourite jersey of the year already!

titans16ninesfront1 titans16ninesback titans16ninesfront


A similar look to 2015 with thick horizontal lines in dark blue and white compared to light blue, yellow and white in 15′. It sort of resembles the Canterbury Bulldogs Auckland Nines jersey of 2016 (I will provide link when I post the Bulldogs jersey range) but better. The colours are lovely and I can’t really fault this jersey.

titans16heritagefront titans16heritageback

Verdict: 7.5/10. The 2016 range from the Gold Coast Titans is a real winner here.. well except for the away jersey! Gah. I’m really not a big fan of it. All the others though, I think are great. If they’re jerseys are as good as their football this year, we are set for a big year!




How I scored them:

Home: 2/2.5

Away: 0.5/2

Auckland Nines: 2.5/2.5

Heritage: 2.5/2.5