Wests Tigers 2016

Here are the Wests Tigers jersey designs for 2016.

They will wear at least 5 different jerseys in 2016.

Click here for their 2015 jerseys.

Their jerseys are manufactured by ISC.


Not much has changed again for the Tigers home jersey. The only difference I can see are the cuffs are a tiny bit bigger and the front sponsor has changed. It was Meriton last year, but now a bigger Brydens Lawyers is front centre and it cuts off the bottom part of the orange V that the 2015 jersey had.

tigers16homefront tigers16homeback


Again, you don’t have to race out and buy the latest Tigers jersey as the only difference is the front sponsor, which is good for Tigers fans. It’s a nice design.

tigers16awayfront tigers16awayback


The Tigers have thrown in a different design this year for those of you who want to buy another jersey. Predominately orange with a black diagonal black bar on the right shoulder, with the rest of the top half white.

tigers16alternatefront tigers16alternateback


A cracking indigenous design this year. It incorporates Wests and Balmain perfectly. Honestly these indigenous jerseys seem to get better every year.


tigers16indifront tigers16indiback


Last year the Tigers went for a sleeveless version like Melbourne and even had 2 colours, black and orange. They revert back to the original style for this years nines and put a massive tiger on the chest. Love it. I wonder if they will ever put a magpie on their jerseys. Yes, technically they aren’t magpies anymore but they are still Western Suburbs.

tigers16ninesfront tigers16ninesback


Verdict: 7/10. While not much has changed for the Tigers, the jerseys they have still work, so why change them. They have 3 different colours i’m guessing that represent both clubs. Black for the Wests side, Orange for the Tigers side and a white, black, orange, grey for the joint venture. They have had the same designs for the past couple of seasons. I wonder if anything will change next year.


How I scored them:

Home: 1/2

Away: 1/2

Alternate: 1/2

Indigenous: 2/2

Auckland Nines: 2/2