St George Illawarra Dragons 2016

Here are the St George Illawarra Dragons jersey designs for 2016.

They will use at least 6 jerseys in 2016.

They are manufactured by ISC.

Click here for the 2015 jerseys.


The St George Illawarra Dragons do not change their home jersey so it’s much of the same for the iconic club in 2016.

dragons16homefront dragons16homeback


After having the same away design for 2 season the dragons have decided to mix it up this year and haven’t they gone full out! They have gone with a massive dragons on both side of the jerseys. It’s the same image on front and back on the red background. I for one thinks this is a great design and it’s nice to see that dragons trying something different.

dragons16awayfront dragons16awayback


The Dragons wore this jersey last year in the Charity Shield so there is nothing different about the 2016 version. I really like the coloured in red V. Simple yet nice.

dragons15charityfront dragons15charityback





dragons16indifront dragons16indiback



Nice! Another cool design from the dragons, this time the Nines jersey gets an overhaul. Last year was predominantly white, however this year they have gone with a predominately red design with black on the left hand side separated by lightning. I really like this style and is an improvement on last year.

dragons16ninesfront dragons16ninesback

Verdict: 7.5/10. St George Illawarra will be another nice looking team in 2016. A couple of new red designs really compliment the traditional white home and charity shield jerseys. I’m sure they will bring more designs out later in the year and I’m sure they will be top notch aswell!


How i scored them:

Home: 1.5/2.5

Away: 2.5/2.5

Charity Shield: 1.5/2.5

Auckland Nines: 2/2.5