North Queensland Cowboys 2016

Here are the North Queensland Cowboys jersey designs for 2016.

They will use at least 6 jerseys in 2016.

They are manufactured by ISC.

Click here for their 2015 jerseys.


After having basically the same design for 2 years they have gone with a fresh approach for 2016. They have done away with the yellow chevron lines on the upper chest and gone with horizontal grey, light blue and yellow. A nice sleek design for the reigning premiers.


cowboys16homefront cowboys16homeback


As with the home jersey, a redesign. They have reversed the colour scheme and the away jersey is predominately silver with white lines across the chest.


cowboys16awayfront cowboys16awayback


Last years version was basically their home jersey with a couple of indigenous designs, however this year they have gone full out and put out one of the best looking indigenous jerseys going around. Plenty of colour and different pictures make this a pleasure to look at.

cowboys16indifront cowboys16indiback


The women in league jersey this year is identical to the 2015 version. A very pretty jersey with a purple base and a view of the night sky and galaxy.

cowboys16womenfront cowboys16womenback


The North Queensland Cowboys will play Leeds Rhinos in the World Club Challenge in 2016. It is similar to their anniversary jersey they wore last year.

cowboys16challengefront1 cowboys16challengeback


A change for the Cows this year with a sea of blue and a black chest and arm area. White chevron lines fill up the chest area.

cowboys16ninesfront cowboys16ninesback

Verdict: 9/10. The Cowboys aren’t just the best football team at the moment, they are also the best dressed. It’s going to be hard to find a team who are better dressed this season. I didn’t rate the World Club Challenge as it would affect my even rating scales (haha), but it is a nice jersey. The new home and away designs are simple but elegant, while the women in league and indigenous jerseys hit it out of the park. You can’t fault North Queensland at the moment. What are your thoughts? Am I off the mark or do you agree?


How I scored them:

Home: 1.5/2

Away: 1.5/2

Indigineous: 2/2

Women In League: 2/2

World Club Challenge: N/A

Auckland Nines: 1.5/2