Sydney Roosters 2016

Here are the Sydney Roosters jersey designs for 2016.

They will wear at least 7 different jerseys in 2016.

They are manufactured by ISC.

Click here for their 2015 jerseys.


There is no change for the Sydney Roosters with their home jersey this year. The iconic red and white V with a blue background design stays the same.

roosters16homefront roosters16homeback


Again, the Roosters aren’t playing around with their main jerseys this year, with the away being a replica of the 2015 version.

roosters16awayfront roosters16awayback


I’m surprised it took them this long to bring out a red jersey in the same design as their home and away jerseys. Last year they had the red jersey but with blue and white horizontal lines down the jersey.

rooster16alternatefront roosters16alternateback


The Roosters have made a slight adjustment to their home jersey with the World Club Challenge logo on the right breast instead of the NRL logo. It has writing on the blue part of the jersey which reads “One club every season.” and “Sydney Roosters V St Helens 28 June 1976” and “2016”





roosters16legendsfront roosters16legends2front



Hooray! A change! A new design from the boys from Sydney. A blue top half and a red bottom half separated by a diagonal line in the centre. The blue top half has what looks like ferns drawn in, while the rest of the jersey has groups of lines drawn in different directions.

roosters16ninesfront roosters16ninesback

Verdict: 6.5/10. The Sydney Roosters have only really one (i’m not counting the alternate jersey as a “New” design, just a different colour.) new design, which is the Auckland Nines version. The Roosters ended up having 6 jerseys last year and I’m guessing an Anzac Day version will be released soon. They don’t do anything fancy with their designs really but they don’t need to when they have such a strong design already.


How I scored them:

Home: 1/2

Away: 1/2

Alternate: 1.5/2

World Club Challenge: 1/2

Auckland Nines: 2/2