Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs 2016

Here are the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs jersey designs for 2016.


They will wear 5 different designs in 2016. I have also included 2 training jerseys.

They are manufactured by Canterbury

Click here for their 2015 jerseys.


A similar design to the 2015 version with the bottom of the vee disappearing this year as well as the logo being changed to the 2010-2014 version. Opal Solar has replaced Easy Forex as the back sponsor.

bulldogs16homefront bulldogs16homeback


Again, not much has changed for the boys from Belmore this year with their away jersey. The bottom of the vee has been removed same as the home jersey, with the logo reverted back to the 2010-2014 style.

bulldogs16awayfront bulldogs16awayback



I don’t think we could ever forget last years alternate jersey design failure, however the Dogs have gone for a much simplier design this time round. They have gone with a robotic 3D style of the double vee design, with a predominately black background. I think this is a step in the right direction for the Bulldogs.



A similar version to the 2015 design with traditional butcher stripes across the jersey with a predominately blue chest and shoulders. A simple yet nice design.

bulldogs16heritagefront bulldogs16heritageback



To be worn in Round 23, 2016.

bulldogs16multifront bulldogs16multiback


Again, another improvement from last years design. A mostly white design with metallic blue stripes across the middle of the jersey. One of two jerseys that has the bottom of the vee still intact. The Jaycar sponsor has been replaced by White Ribbon Australia.



They have gone with the traditional double vee in blue like their old jerseys. The blue is filled with what looks like broken glass design. A nice little change that gives the traditional vee a facelift.



Purely for the training ground a black and blue are together shaded on the front together while a plain blue background on the back.

bulldogs16trainingfront bulldogs16trainingback

Verdict: 7.5/10.

Canterbury have improved massively with their designs in 2016 with them going for much simpler and slimmer designs instead of the 2015 season. I can’t really say I’m a big fan of the alternate jersey however it is miles better than last year. Their heritage is spot on and their Nines version is a fresh take on the heritage version. A solid score from the boys out at Belmore.


How I scored them:

Home: 1.5/2

Away: 1.5/2

Alternate: 1/2

Heritage: 2/2

Auckland Nines: 1.5/2