Penrith Panthers 2016

Here are the Penrith Panthers jersey designs for 2016.

They will wear at least 6 different designs in 2016.

They are manufactured by Asics

Click here for their 2015 jerseys.


The Panthers have changed all their designs this year. Starting with the home version, they have put a massive 50 picture on the bottom half of the jersey with a panther jumping through the 0 on a black background. The sides are a sort of brown-goldish colour. They also have a new back sponsor which is Via Careers.

panthers16homefront panthers16homeaway



A similar design to last year with the addition of the panther logo. All jerseys this year have every player who has played more than 50 games for the club on the front of their jersey.

panthers16awayfront panthers16awayback



Featuring the names and tenure of all players who played 50 First Grade games or more for the club, the 2016 Panthers Alternate jersey is emblazoned with the Clubs 50th Season Anniversary mark. Last years design was predominately white with vertical black lines across the front.


panthers16alternatefront panthers16alternateback

HERITAGE – ‘1967’

panthers16heritagefront panthers16heritageback

HERITAGE – ‘1991’

panthers16heritagefront panthers16heritageback

HERITAGE – ‘2003’

Will be worn in Round 22, 2016 against the Sydney Roosters, who they played in the 2003 grand final.





Penrith decided to wear their away jersey for the nines tournament instead of creating a new design.

panthers16awayfront panthers16awayback

Verdict: 7.5/10. The panthers have a beautiful range this year, however would have scored better if they had designed an Auckland Nines Jersey. I marked them down for not creating a new design. Harsh but fair. I love the 50th anniversary mark on the front of the jerseys and the tribute of all players who had played 50 or more games for the club. Great effort by the boys out west.


How I scored them:

Home: 2/2.5

Away: 2.5/2.5

Alternate: 2/2.5

Auckland Nines: 1/2.5