Updates – 3/12/16


It’s been a few months since I’ve updated anything. Nearly all the NRL teams have released their main jerseys for the 2017 season now, so i’ve decided to update a couple pages.

I’ve added two new pages to the menu for you to check out.

They are:

  • Jersey Round-Up: 2017 Season
  • Auckland Nines
  • I also added a new banner for the site which I think spruiks it up a bit 😉

The Jersey Round-Up page will be updated weekly throughout the season to reflect on how each team performs in every jersey they play during the year with stats like wins, losses etc

The Auckland Nines page will catalog every jersey every team has worn in the history of the competition. I have only added the 2017 jerseys so far, but will get to the others later on, hopefully before the start of the season.

Things you will see in the next couple of updates:

  • Team pages with new 2017 jerseys (You can check out the Jersey Round-Up for them right now!)
  • Four Nations 2016 Jerseys
  • 2017 Draw will be uploaded
  • 2016 Jersey Round-up. See how your team fared in all their jerseys this past season.

Can’t wait until the new season starts. Only a couple of months away now.

Thanks for checking out the site and if you have any thoughts, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Have a great day!