Updates – 10/12/16

Two updates in one week! Wow, you are really lucky! 😉

So lets get straight into what’s been updated!

  • 2017 Jerseys have now been updated for every team
  • Auckland Nines page now shows Wins, Losses etc for every jersey worn since 2014

Okay, so only 2 updates, but it still took me awhile to compile.

I’ve got the 2017 draw all drafted up, just need to connect all the dots so it functions like the 2016 season.

Lastly, since the Gold Coast Titans jersey manufacturer BLK has gone into administration, it might be awhile until we find out if they will be using the jerseys they paid for. You can go here to read more about the Titans situation.

That’s it for today. Thanks for coming back, and if you have any suggestions, let me know!

Have a great day!