This is just a site where you can look at what jerseys NRL teams have worn. Most have many different jerseys these days instead of just the normal home and away strip that clubs used to have. Now we have Superhero round, Anzac Day, Heritage round, Indigenous round, Auckland Nines and Alternative Strips. Not to mention the representative jerseys with All-Star games, State of Origin and World Cups. You’d be forgiven if you missed a fair few of the jersey’s most teams play in these days.

This isn’t a flash site, it’s just a simple page with simple pictures that i do not own and credit goes out to those who own the pictures.

Basically I’d like this site to be one like The Gridiron Uniform Database www.gridiron-uniforms.com It will never be like that site but one day I hope to grow it so it is a place for people to go to look at Rugby League jerseys.

This site does not sell any rugby league jerseys. It is just a fan site. If you would like to purchase jerseys online, the best places I’ve found are the teams official shop, www.nrlshop.com or http://www.fangear.com

I do not own any images on this site. I have gotten them from all around the internet. My main sources have been http://www.fangear.com , https://rugbyshirtwatch.com and http://www.zerotackle.com

Let me know if i have made any errors or if you can fill in with some pictures of jerseys that i don’t have yet.

N.B. I am not affiliated with any of the above mentioned sites.

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