Update – 14/08/2016

I have made it easier to see all your favourite teams jerseys on the one page. Instead of clicking on a certain year for a team, you will be able to see all the jerseys on the one page. If you use the drop down menu and select a team it will list them in descending order from 2016. I have made galleries for each year to make the images look nicer on the page.

I have started alphabetically and so far have only fixed these teams:

  • Australia Kangaroos (International)
  • Brisbane Broncos (NRL)
  • Canberra Raiders (NRL)
  • Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs (NRL)
  • City Origin (Rep)
  • Cook Islands (International)
  • Country Origin (Rep)
  • Cronulla Sharks (NRL)
  • England (International)
  • Fiji Bati (International)
  • Gold Coast Titans (NRL)
  • Indigenous All-Stars (Rep)
  • Ireland (International)
  • Italy (International)
  • Manly Warringah Sea Eagles (NRL)
  • Melbourne Storm (NRL)
  • New South Wales Blues (Rep)
  • New Zealand Kiwis (International)
  • New Zealand Warriors (NRL)
  • Newcastle Knights (NRL)

I will complete the rest when I can get some time  (could be tonight or 4 weeks. : ) .

I’m working on trying to make this website more user friendly and more informative. I’m not really good at designing a website so i’m doing the best I can with my limited knowledge.  I do know that I have 2 home pages at the moment with different content, still deciding on how I want it to look.

I have a few more ideas that I want to try and implement, it’s just going to need some time to do it all.

If you do have any jerseys that I do not have on the site (which is thousands) please contact me. I try to find the best photo of a jersey I can basically using Google Images and forums however it’s pretty hard to find older ones. I’m thinking of just using images from games to fill in some of the blanks.

Until next time,

– RL Jerseys